The Usual Suspects

Kullervo is a husband (to Katyjane), a father, a soldier, an attorney, an ex-Mormon, an orthodox Christian, and an ordained Space Minister. His personal blog can be found at Sailing to Byzantium.

Katyjane is a wife, a mother, a soldier’s wife, a CPA, an emergent Christian, and a former Mormon who really wishes she could make some sort of rhyming pun out of ‘former Mormon’ (Foremon?  Formor?  It just doesn’t work, and she’s been trying for years!).  She’s on a quest  for creepy babies, she thinks she’s funny more often than others do, and she blogs all about it at Mommy CPA.  She also takes pictures, cooks, and has some serious wanderlust. 

Whitney,the crazy Gemini,” is a liberal-leaning United Methodist, a political moderate, an attorney, an Idahoan at heart, a gigantic nerd, and unbelievably happy since rejoining the land of the living after four years of working and law school.  She blogs about things that won’t interest you unless you know her at wmr, and she’ll thank you not to remind her that WordPress is so much better than Blogger.

Katie L is a committed (albeit unorthodox) Mormon; wife, mother, food lover, watcher of bad religious movies, runner, and professional copywriter.  When she isn’t spewing heresy, she blogs at Standing, Sitting, Lying Down.

Jared C is an admin again.

Ms. Jack is a dissenting evangelical Christian and interfaith marriage masochist who is currently completing a master’s degree in American church history. Wife of one husband (for now), mother of one. She can also be found at ClobberBlog and Προστάτις.

BrianJ is being punished for talking shit about Battlestar Galactica. Even the heretics have their heretics. He’ll be reinstated when he recants.

Racticas needs a godsdamn avatar.