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burning in the bosom from pure heresy

I have been flipping out about human evolution lately. The reality that humans are literally descendents from dust (i.e. if you leave dust and gas around long enough, in the right configuration you are going to come up with an … Continue reading

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Heretical Quote of the Week

This is a great quote for those wanting to justify their heresy to themselves or others.  Tolstoy’s writings have been inspirational to me for a long time and few others have the eloquence and passion.  I like what he says … Continue reading

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BoM vs. BOM

Reading people’s comments on Katie’s post about the Book of Mormon ( (WordPress is very upset about the idea of me properly linking words these days for no good reason)) made me think about the ways that people abbreviate the … Continue reading

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The Thing about the Book of Mormon Is…

…from my wishy-washy postmodern perspective, it’s whole lot harder to deal with than other holy books. The Bible?  Sure, I might not be invested in the idea that Adam and Eve were actual people who lived in an actual garden, … Continue reading

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Live Church Update: Chicken Patriarchal Order

The winning quote from today’s talk on (I wish I were kidding but I’m not) “Marriage and the Patriarchal Order”: “The Patriarchal Order is not about power and control, but responsibility.” Oh, because THAT’S supposed to make me feel better, … Continue reading

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Who Cares if it Really Happened?

Okay, so another podcast is fueling my post tonight.  This one is entitled “Mixed Feelings for Mormonism” over on Mormon Expression — and much of the discussion centers around whether or not the church “really is” what it says it … Continue reading

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Angry, Angry Sex (actually, angry ABOUT sex, but the first is much more compelling, no?)

Tonight I’m pissed. Which I guess is a good reason to post this here, instead of over on my personal blog, where I try to be all nice and shit. Because I don’t know how nice I can be tonight. … Continue reading

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