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I am a wife, a mommy, a Christian, a writer, a knitter, a reader, a grammar geek, a cat lover, and a brunette (when my hair isn't dyed another color). I also am a singer/songwriter.

BoM vs. BOM

Reading people’s comments on Katie’s post about the Book of Mormon ( (WordPress is very upset about the idea of me properly linking words these days for no good reason)) made me think about the ways that people abbreviate the … Continue reading

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Age of the Gods?

Speaking of deification, what age do you want to be immortalized at? I always thought that I wanted to be 17 forever–old enough to drive, and no other vices that I really cared to be old enough for. Now I … Continue reading

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Out Of The Mouths…

Quote from Oliver: I believe in all the gods.  But I like Jesus best because He is the god of the world.

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