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Burn ‘Em

Does anyone else like that we got traffic today from this search term…? The benefits of burning heretics at the stake Because I sure do. UPDATE: this very post is now the first result for this search term on Google!  … Continue reading

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The Thing about the Book of Mormon Is…

…from my wishy-washy postmodern perspective, it’s whole lot harder to deal with than other holy books. The Bible?  Sure, I might not be invested in the idea that Adam and Eve were actual people who lived in an actual garden, … Continue reading

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Live Church Update: Chicken Patriarchal Order

The winning quote from today’s talk on (I wish I were kidding but I’m not) “Marriage and the Patriarchal Order”: “The Patriarchal Order is not about power and control, but responsibility.” Oh, because THAT’S supposed to make me feel better, … Continue reading

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Shameless Plug: Books that Make You Cry

I don’t know if this is even allowed on this blog, but I figured you guys would want to talk about books that make you cry as much as I do. So I just wrote a post about it on … Continue reading

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Who Cares if it Really Happened?

Okay, so another podcast is fueling my post tonight.  This one is entitled “Mixed Feelings for Mormonism” over on Mormon Expression — and much of the discussion centers around whether or not the church “really is” what it says it … Continue reading

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Angry, Angry Sex (actually, angry ABOUT sex, but the first is much more compelling, no?)

Tonight I’m pissed. Which I guess is a good reason to post this here, instead of over on my personal blog, where I try to be all nice and shit. Because I don’t know how nice I can be tonight. … Continue reading

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