Burning at the Stake is a secret hideout on the internet for heretics, dissidents, pagans, and true believers of every stripe. We have too many administrators and no real rules, so expect mere anarchy. Expect favoritism. Expect irreverence. Expect arbitrariness.

This blog is intended to be a space to talk about authentic spirituality without having to take ourselves too seriously all the godsdamn time. With that in mind, be bold, be daring and be funny. Don’t be a dick. Unless you are being a dick in a funny way. But if you’re just a regular ol’ dick, expect to be treated badly. There are no real rules and too many rulers, so there’s no guarantee that someone won’t just change your comments to make you sound awful.

But if you’re not going to be a dick, feel free to be honest, witty and vulnerable. Sure, there’s risk, but if there wasn’t risk, it wouldn’t really be worth it.

That’s about it.