You Can’t Have Snake Cheese. Sorry.

You can only have cheese from mammals. It’s a rule. Don’t blame me; I didn’t make the rule.

Bat cheese, yes.
Girraffe cheese, yes.
Gorilla cheese, yes.
Porcupine cheese, yes.
Whale cheese, yes.

Frog cheese, no.
Eagle cheese, no.
Clownfish cheese, no.
Nurse shark cheese, you would think yes, but no.
And also, snake cheese, no.

Sorry. No.

Also you can’t have any cheese from invertebrates, but I don’t want to list them all.


About Kullervo

Thirtysomething Christian, husband, father and lawyer; interested in the Bible, country music, southern lit, guitars, gardening, beer, running, nature, rock and roll, wargaming, southern food, Calvinism, the Crusades, the Protestant Reformation and the Civil War.
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1 Response to You Can’t Have Snake Cheese. Sorry.

  1. Shoots down my loophole for a kosher cheeseburger – or is the prohibition in place because the meat and cheese are from the same type of critter?

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