burning in the bosom from pure heresy

I have been flipping out about human evolution lately. The reality that humans are literally descendents from dust (i.e. if you leave dust and gas around long enough, in the right configuration you are going to come up with an entire planet full of people)  is — in a word – UNFUCKING-BELIEVABLE!!!

If, after pondering where you actually came from, your mouth is not on the floor then you simply aren’t getting it.  Think about it:

Dust -4.6 billion years–> Human Race.  

For me, his reality is still sinking in.  . . and it’s changing my whole perspective on humans. They are a spawn of a bunch of rocks and gas that became billions of self aware, singing, laughing, loving creatures that spew an amazing complexity and depth of culture, art and science. . . a bunch of dirt that danced together in just the right way that it eventually began to drive monster trucks.

Gandhi, Jesus, and Einstein descended from mice goddamit! How lucky and awesome is that? Can you fucking believe this! How does species of weird proto-mouse creatures  have sex and procreate for 180,000,000 years become a race of creatures that can calculate the age of the universe??  Once I even start  to get my brain around this question I quickly start believing that humans are GODS, especially the really kick-ass humans, and by “gods” I mean miraculously awesome and worthy of worship.

Here is what intelligent design people seem to get wrong: The absolutely unbelievable odds that you have to overcome if you were a huge mass of particles to wind up spontaneously assembling together and then, after a few billion years, turn into intelligent life which somehow can grasp how this happened doesn’t prove that their is a God at all, it just proves that you and I, despite our faults and issues are ASTOUNDING and that the universe is awesome beyond words.

In the context of all the other carbon atoms formed in the depths of stars, that a few of them wound up being my fingers, and this keyboard, is unfathomably strange.   It is beyond rational description how awesome it is that a few of these atoms, without any direction at all, would swim into the weird energy we call life and then churn themselves into a state that winds up conceiving of, encoding and performing the Brandenburg Concerto No. 6.

Ironically, when I started thinking like this, I really feel “the spirit”, stronger and more understandably than ever before.  (You Mormons know what I mean.) It is nearly overwhelming.

The more I give up the idea that I am a child of God that should love everyone, the more I want want to love everybody, and myself.

So. . . I leave you with this question:  If the more I completely give up the idea of a God that sees all, made everything and is directing things on earth, the more that I feel His love.  . . What the hell is that?


About Jared C.

I am a writer and attorney in San Diego. I practice business law, regulatory compliance, and appellate litigation.
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7 Responses to burning in the bosom from pure heresy

  1. Katie L says:

    Have you looked into transhumanism? Seems like it might be up your alley…

  2. Jared C says:

    Haven’t looked into it. . . but it doesn’t seem compelling. I am less interested in searching for what humans could be than I am amazed by what they are.

  3. Kullervo says:

    Ugh. Sorry; I think very lowly of transhumanism.

  4. Katie L says:

    Really, Kullervo? That kind of surprises me. How come?

  5. Katie L says:

    I think transhumanism (the very, very little I know of it) is neat.

  6. Kullervo says:

    I think transhumanism is born from a lifestyle and society that is increasingly dangerously out of touch with humanity’s origins and humanity’s connection to the natural world. Because transhumanism is often coupled with a materialist view of the universe, I think it neclects to address humanity’s deep psychological and spiritual needs.

    And I think most of this is because, honestly, it is largely the beloved brainchild of dysfunctional computer nerds who live dysfunctional existences.

    Even if the singularity were (1) possible and (2) likely to happen, I dont think it would be good for people. But (1) I suspect it may not be possible because I do not subscribe to a materialist view of the cosmos and (2) I don’t think it’s likely to happen because I think as a practical matter (i.e., given the rate at which we are using our resources with no plausible plan for an alternative) we are facing a de-industrialized future that is very different from the one envisioned by the worshippers of Progress.

    Furthermore, I think transhumanism is an ultimate expression of a materialist view of the cosmos, and especially of humanity, and as such, I think it is an ultimate epxression of an idea that is fundamentally ugly.

    I understand that others may see the idea of limitless possibility and potential through technology as something beautiful. I don’t.

  7. Jared C says:

    I agree, I think humans will gain a lot more benefit from understanding what they are/were rather than trying to be something different. Technology has generally acted to separate people from their roots and it could be argued that it has left people off-balance and hungry for what used to root them to the world, their families, the divine, etc.

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