Sunday Morning

This hit me in a way this morning that I hope you all never understand. 🙂


About Jared C

I am a criminal appeals attorney, father of four, raised in Kansas, live in San Diego.
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4 Responses to Sunday Morning

  1. Kullervo says:

    Gods, that’s a great song.

  2. Kullervo says:

    My first thought when this popped up in my feed was “man, I hope he posted Kristofferson and not Johnny Cash or, gods forbid, Ray Stevens.”

  3. Jared C says:

    I like the Johnny Cash version, but Kristofferson’s captures the soul of the song better. I like the Willie Nelson version as well, but his voice is almost too good for it.

  4. Kullervo says:

    Willie Nelson’s voice is too good for almost everything.

    And I agree, I like the Johnny Cash version just fine, but 1) Kristofferson’s ragged voice fits the song better, and 2) Kristofferson is widely underappreciated. Plenty of people love Johnny Cash but have never heard of Kristofferson.

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