Why I Believe In Friederich Nietzsche

Fred is popular around here, so I want to just say this:

I have heard some Evangelicals (I remember Tim saying this somewhen, but I think C. S. Lewis also said it, and C. S. Lewis was definitely not an evangelical but Evangelicals love him) say that they believe in the Old Testament because they believe in Jesus and Jesus clearly believed in the Old Testament, as he quoted it, taught from it, and otherwise treated it as if it were a true thing. They infer the truth of the Old Testament from the truth of Jesus Christ.

Well, similarly, I believe in Fred because I believe in Jim Morrison, and Jim Morrison clearly believed in Fred, as he read Fred, he talked Fred and otherwise treated Fred as if he were a true thing. I infer the truth of Friederich Nietszche from the truth of Jim Morrison.



About Kullervo

Thirtysomething Christian, husband, father and lawyer; interested in the Bible, country music, southern lit, guitars, gardening, beer, running, nature, rock and roll, wargaming, southern food, Calvinism, the Crusades, the Protestant Reformation and the Civil War.
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4 Responses to Why I Believe In Friederich Nietzsche

  1. Jared C says:

    The irony is of course that Ray Manzarek claimed that Nietzche killed Jim.

  2. Kullervo says:

    Not ironic at all. Jim was used and ultimately used up by the Dionysian. Where do you think he go it in the first place?

  3. Jared C says:

    ” ‘Twas Dionysus proved [his] ruin; now I see it all.”

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