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Why I Believe In Friederich Nietzsche

Fred is popular around here, so I want to just say this: I have heard some Evangelicals (I remember Tim saying this somewhen, but I think C. S. Lewis also said it, and C. S. Lewis was definitely not an … Continue reading

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Heresy of the week: nothing is sacred, start laughing

Frederich Nietzsche  (“Fred”) is one of my favorite characters in heresy.  He was a sickly, solitary guy that considered himself a superman of sorts.  He took on all comers, including all of Christianity if not Christ himself.  He attempted to inspire if not … Continue reading

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Blasphemy Cage Match of the Week

An avid fan of MMA, I am always interested in a good cage match.  Considering the next big fight is over a week away, and being a bit bored, i thought I would start one here on this blog.  I … Continue reading

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Heretical Quote of the Week: Unbelievable Gods

The concept of religion in its widest possible sense, as it is here espoused, certainly goes far beyond the narrow concepts of God promulgated by many representatives of denominational and institutional religion. They often depict, not to say denigrate, God … Continue reading

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Quote Of The Day: Ben, On What Happened To Being Cool

What happenned to being cool and saying “Oh well; deal,” instead of “You’re wrong for being uncomfortable with my choice?” -my best friend Ben

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