I Finished BSG

And that’s absolutely worthy of a full post title.

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14 Responses to I Finished BSG

  1. Katie L says:


  2. Jared C says:

    I got through the first season. . .

  3. Kullervo says:

    Hells yes.

    Jared: everything changes by the end of season 2.

  4. Tim says:

    I finished it recently as well. I was really disappointed with the last 2.5 seasons. At times the story lines were just really tedious. I loved the first 2.5 seasons. When Pegasus shows up I was hooked. Same with New Caprica. I didn’t feel like they followed up with anything like that in the rest of the seasons though.

    Have I just found this sites’ first true heresy?

  5. Kullervo says:

    I didn’t feel like they followed up with anything like that in the rest of the seasons though.

    -The reveal of the Final Five
    -The utter bleakness of what they find halfway through season 4
    -Adama and Roslin’s love story
    -The final raid on the Cylon base
    -The resolution of the Opera House visions
    -The resolution of Baltar’s storyline

    I don’t even know what show you were watching. I will grant you that New Caprica was probably, all things considered, the high point of the show, but you can’t really fault a show for not topping it’s high point.

    I will agree that some of the standalone episodes in the second half of season 3 have disappointing plots, and at that point you sort of want things to move along a lot faster. But the character development continues to be incredibly good.

    Also, either your math is bad or you’re overlapping. There are 4 total seasons. Each one, other than the first, is divided in half.

  6. Kullervo says:

    Have I just found this sites’ first true heresy?

    Absolutely. We have already had excommunications for it.

  7. Whitney says:

    Just so everyone’s clear that I’m totally committed to this…Kullervo’s second comment was partially ghost-writing for me. street cred

  8. Jared C says:

    At times the story lines were just really tedious. . . . . Have I just found this sites’ first true heresy?\

    Seriously Tim, I am surprised you have not been banned from commenting for your lack of exuberance.

    An Evangelical Christian, who thinks we are doomed to hell – Welcome!
    Not a raving fan of BSG – Get thee hence Satan!

  9. Tim says:

    When Pegasus shows up the show completely changed from an “okay” show to a “wow”. My first thought was “they must have gotten some new writers”. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took on some new pens who left shortly after New Caprica.

    Putting Apollo on the stand and having him argue for jury nullification was so “The Practice”.

  10. Kullervo says:

    I am way past the point where I expect any kind of accuracy or realism from TV legal proceedings. The trial was dramatic as all get out, and the writing was great. I can live with nonsense legal proceedings.

  11. Jared C says:

    Real legal proceedings are not fit for television.

  12. Kullervo says:

    All the ones I am ever in take like six seconds, tops. But I mostly do non-adversarial probate proceedings. The judge asks me a lot of questions, I say “I don’t know,” the judge is irritated that I don’t know, the judge flips through the file, and then signs the order I have brought.

  13. Jared C says:

    I read criminal trials all the time, some can be more interesting, but way too long and subtle to make good TV.

  14. Kullervo says:

    Well, Baltar’s trial is an ad hoc tribunal, so it’s not exactly the same thing.

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