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A Genteel Gentile in Need of Gs

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a married woman in possession of a large quantity of her husband’s deteriorated undergarments, must be in want of purchasing him new ones. Such was the predicament I found myself in a few … Continue reading

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An Opiate for Me?

The question is this: am I a quietly spiritual person, or am I kidding myself? The context is this: I was raised Methodist.  I was an angsty kid, but I loved church camp.  I was a very curious student in … Continue reading

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Your Card For The Day: Queen of Swords

From Honest faces the truth, even if unpleasant is up front with everyone likes everything on the table plays by the rules avoids lies and deception Astute sizes up a situation quickly understands hidden motives and desires is difficult … Continue reading

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Age of the Gods?

Speaking of deification, what age do you want to be immortalized at? I always thought that I wanted to be 17 forever–old enough to drive, and no other vices that I really cared to be old enough for. Now I … Continue reading

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Deification Dress Code

So my wife and I had this discussion this morning and I thought the bloggers and readers (do we have readers?) here could help: “What is the appropriate thing to wear when one is deified?” My wife thought, “Toga, because … Continue reading

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The Divinity of Jesus

I am not a Christian. I don’t believe that I am guilty of sins, or that I need to be saved from hell. I don’t believe that Jesus was the unique incarnation of a monotheist god. And I don’t even … Continue reading

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Out Of The Mouths…

Quote from Oliver: I believe in all the gods.  But I like Jesus best because He is the god of the world.

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